Longetti - Prism


Anna Stahn

“The shape of the prism, to put it dryly and precisely; is a shape in which light enters and comes out divided in colors. The prism books are books in which the synesthetic matter of an art praxis enters and is divided into writings. The writings are the work’s objections.”

- Anna Stahn, Prism

The Prism books are a continues writing project, I first wrote a prism book in 2016 in a conflicted sphere of schoolgirl, fear and overwhelms, diligence and underlying anger.
In the first prism book I was a student being shined a light through. The light reflected productivity, capitalism, loneliness and collectivism into art and wild theory.
This time, the prism is written by a debutant, a becoming master, an adult. Someone whose work is ripe. The prism books are artist books; a mix of theory, fiction and think piece.

Published: Sep 2020