Longetti - Divas


The exhibition space Delfi (Malmö, Sweden) and Longetti have collaborated on a book and an exhibition on divas. The result is a decadent diva exhibition and a book with fifteen extraordinary writers and artist.

The format of the diva book is coffee-table-book, and in the book, a string of flaming creatures, of blazing talented divas you will find listed, introduced, side-by-side and possibly conflicting, possibly responding unknowingly to one another’s style and statements.

The diva is a character, which may contain conflict, which may drag an entry out where other more dull deadly is in a boring hurry, a character so strong that its realness and brilliance do not fade at the glance of evil eyes luring in the audience, a character representing both community and individuality, a character of empathy and strong opinions, a persona of duality, of the vibrant, of the extra.

PDF available here!

Published: Dec 2020