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Longetti, C/O Sydens Feriehuse
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1366 Copenhagen Denmark

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About Longetti

Longetti is a small press dedicated to publishing artist books, short formats and translations, fiercely. Longetti believe in books as formats for holding entire universes one can flip trough. The texts are carefully selected and the books are handmade, a new delicate, interdisciplinary and aesthetic publishing house!

Longetti has sprung out of boredom with the Danish art and literature scene: a lack of diversity and an interest in interdisciplinary praxis's that we want to bring! Longetti publish multifaceted literature to show the many things we believe text can be and come from.

Longetti is run by artist and writer Anna Stahn educated from The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts, School Of Visual Arts in Copenhagen and Parsons School of Design in New York.

Anna has spent her time on art productions, sculptures and art writing, worked with bookbinding and graphics and is now the editor of Longetti and the one who draws Longettis visual style.

Longetti carefully curate each series and usually invites artist and writers in but you are welcome to contact us and send your short story, piece of flash fiction or essay, especially if you are a diva, a doctor or a writer who is just very direct!