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The exhibition space Delfi (Malmö, Sweden) and Longetti have collaborated on a book and an exhibition on divas. The result is a decadent diva exhibition and a book with fifteen extraordinary writers and artist.

The format of the diva book is coffee-table-book, and in the book, a string of flaming creatures, of blazing talented divas you will find listed, introduced, side-by-side and possibly conflicting, possibly responding unknowingly to one another’s style and statements.

The diva is a character, which may contain conflict, which may drag an entry out where other more dull deadly is in a boring hurry, a character so strong that its realness and brilliance do not fade at the glance of evil eyes luring in the audience, a character representing both community and individuality, a character of empathy and strong opinions, a persona of duality, of the vibrant, of the extra.

PDF available here!

Published: Dec 2020


Anna Stahn

“The shape of the prism, to put it dryly and precisely; is a shape in which light enters and comes out divided in colors. The prism books are books in which the synesthetic matter of an art praxis enters and is divided into writings. The writings are the work’s objections.”

- Anna Stahn, Prism

The Prism books are a continues writing project, I first wrote a prism book in 2016 in a conflicted sphere of schoolgirl, fear and overwhelms, diligence and underlying anger.
In the first prism book I was a student being shined a light through. The light reflected productivity, capitalism, loneliness and collectivism into art and wild theory.
This time, the prism is written by a debutant, a becoming master, an adult. Someone whose work is ripe. The prism books are artist books; a mix of theory, fiction and think piece.

Published: Sep 2020

Djævlen blev venner med et barn

Marina Tsvetaeva

'Djævlen blev venner med et barn' er skrevet af den (i dansk regi oversete) russiske stjernedigter og eksilforfatter Marina Tsvetaeva, der i første halvdel af det 20. århundrede, udover sine digte, skrev en fortættet, fantasifuld og makaber prosa. Hendes prosa udgives for første gang på dansk på Longetti. Novellen 'Djævlen blev venner med et barn' akkompagneres af forord af den Dansk-Russiske oversætter Ane Løvetofte der har oversat novellen. Novellen kan læses som et historisk værk, som et russisk værk, men vi vil anbefale at man åbner hjertet og intellektet og læser 'Djævlen blev venner med et barn' som en fortælling om at være ensom, om at være digter, om at have et hemmeligt mørke boende I brystet som man, uden at prædike for nogen; kan hen give sig til.

Published: Dec 2019

No eyes dry

Louis Scherfig

No eyes dry is written the Danish visual artist and writer Louis Scherfigs and consists of five stories that take place in a dystopian universe, where the devil is a regular at the local bar, earrings grow big like moons and people disappear in eerie ways in mysterious futuristic landscapes. If you are familiar with Louis Scherfig's art, you will recognize moods and phenomenas from his works in ’No eyes dry’, but with language as the only limitation.- an overgrown pearl earring of a little sci-fi collection with infinite holes, hard-to-get heels, burning devils and bad smells beyond imagination - published as a part of Longettis Devil series in 2019.

Published: Dec 2019


Anna Stahn & Julia Maria

Skrivefamilieteksterne er tekster fra to forfattere der har skrevet sammen i en årrække, det er tekster der handler om at være åbne i en bogverden fuld af smagsdommere, de handler om helte og referencer. Om alt det man stjæler fra, og er i familie med. Om ens udødelige slægtninge i litteraturen. Skrivefamilieteksterne er frie og vilde analyser om alt det, der ligger tæt på ens egen skrivning, som inspirerer og fascinerer én. Sætter man alle disse års tekster sammen, er de også et billede på to forfatterskaber, der har udviklet sig, opsøgt bøger, forladt dem igen, for så at vende tilbage til dem med nye øjne. Trods det korte tidsrum på tre år, som teksterne er skrevet over, kan man for hvert år se tendenser og små modeting fra tiden - selvom forfatterne bilder sig selv ind, at de skriver ædel b-sidelitteratur.

Published: April 2019

Layered in Love: Musings on Love’s Palpability in Some Sahelian and West African Art Forms

Genevieve Hyacinthe

Hyacinthe’s personal essay, Layered in Love: Musings on Love’s Palpability in Some Sahelian and West African Art Forms, muses on how some art forms can make the feeling of love palpable. Focusing on Seydou Keita’s Untitled (c. 1958), a photograph of a young woman and a suitor with a guitar, Henri Matisse’s La Musique (1939), and Sounou (2004), a series of still shots from a video depicting the Malian dance form Sounou, Hyacinthe explores how these works of art create a space that is ”warmed and secured like a tight hug from a lover.” She analyses the use of earth toned colors, musical instruments, interior design and patterns, the graininess of still photography, prayer mats and rugs, and the flirtatious movements of Malian dancers. Furthermore, her essay includes an analysis of the experimental Senegalese film Touki Bouki (1973) directed by Djibril Diop Mambéty – a romantic tale of two revolutionary lovers riding on a motorcycle.

Published: Feb 2019


Albin Skaghammar

In Albin Skaghammars personal essay Gone memory merges with video pieces, movie classics and detective novels. In it we encounter a number of subjects and stories. From the death of Greek tragedian Aeschylus to slapstick cinema, tearful Tumblr blogs to mourning artists, early detective fiction to dreams of the perfect heist. In Gone we also meet the I who is writing about all these things. Who himself is searching for connections – like a sleuth – by trying to weave personal memories and anecdotes together with works of art.

Published: Feb 2019

The Love Bus

Christina Ciborowskis

The Love Bus is Christina Ciborowskis first short story and is also her debut on print. It’s a story about the lonesome bus driver Ellen who drives lonely lovers around. In the bus we meet the girl Sam who has just been kissed by her new lover for the first time; a stolen kiss! We meet Ruth who has been together with Harry for ages and now he’s drifting away. And we meet Ali, a hardworking man who is crazy about his woman Leila.

Published: Feb 2019